• Image of Variety 12-Pack
  • Image of Variety 12-Pack
  • Image of Variety 12-Pack

The Variety 12-Pack includes mixture of the following bugs:

- Ladybugs (Alec, Geiger and Ficer)
- Moths (Espin and Carlton series)
- Turbo the Dragonfly
- Ants (black ants with yellow / black ants with blue ants)

These little critters have been reproduced from drawings in my "Bug Struggles" series. It is the beginning of a visual narrative with more adventures to come from the world of the small.

The cards act as functional artwork. Inside each is a description of the bug. Below is an example from Alik the Ladybug's story card:
1. Alik the Ladybug: "This is Alik. He was knocked off a leaf by a harvestman."
***Please visit each bug's card to read the different stories of each critter's card.***

Also visit all the cards to learn where the story text is placed (bottom of the card or in the centre) and to learn which ones are blank.

Should you want more of one particular card and less of others, please indicate the request at checkout.

Drawings by Angela Gooliaff.

Each greeting card is 4.5" x 6.25" and is snug as a bug in an A6 envelope (6.5" x 4.75"). Each digital print is on 12pt cardstock and is coated on both sides.